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The Walter Camp Football Foundation is excited to offer an innovative brain performance monitoring app, Roberto, to the young athletes and families we serve. This groundbreaking app takes about 6 minutes to complete and provides trending reports that can be shared with family members, physicians, coaches, trainers and more

The app lets you see how diet, exercise, stress, sleep and more affect your brain. Armed with that knowledge, you and your family can make lifestyle changes that will have your brain performing at its best

Watch The Roberto Quick Start Video

Complete four (4) full Roberto sessions to establish your normal range, or baseline, to asses your future performance against

If you have any questions, or encounter any problem call Support at 855-697-2219 x114 or email  

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STEP 1: Download the Roberto App from your device app store

(Search for "Roberto" and look for the icon)

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After downloading and installing the Roberto App, create an account using your email address or log in with Facebook.

STEP 3: Enter Referrel Code "WCFF2020"  

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