The easy way to monitor and track your team’s brain performance

The easy way to monitor and track your team’s brain performance

Brain performance directly impacts job performance. 

The ability to learn and process new information, to multi-task, to prioritize, to react quickly and to use critical thinking are all important skills whether in an office or at a job site. That’s why RC21X, developer of the Roberto App has created the Brain Performance Program. It’s a key addition to any safety program. You'll get objective data on how things like exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress affect your employees, allowing them to make key lifestyle changes to increase mental readiness—and lower risks—on the job.  

Nearly 60-80% of accidents on the job are due to stress-related distraction or sleepiness. Roberto allows your team to know when you’re not on top of their game and to make the right adjustments. Brain Readiness is good for your employees—and for your bottom line.  

According to a recent Gallup News Report, workgroups that received performance interventions saw sales increase by 10% to 19% and profits by 14% to 29%.

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Why Focus on Brain Readiness?

Accident Prevention According to the American Institute on Stress, nearly 75 percent of all accidents on the job are due to stress-related distraction or sleepiness. Additionally, workers who report they are stressed incur health care costs that are 46% higher than for non-stressed employees. Roberto allows you to know when you’re not on top of your game and when you need to increase your focus. Input your text in this area

Peak Performers Whether you’re a construction worker, manufacturing line person, driver/pilot or health care worker, there are people depending on you to perform at your best. 

Injury/Illness Recovery Perhaps you've been sick, had a traumatic brain injury, have been in a serious accident or you’re severely stressed, Roberto can help you track your recovery. 

The Brain Readiness program is designed to work with many professions and industries, including:

  • Management, Administrative and Clerical
  • Self-insured Organizations
  • Captive Insurance  
  • Transportation, including pilots, captains and drivers  
  • Construction  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Warehousing and distribution  
  • Energy companies  
  • Nursing and residential care  
  • Agriculture and farming 

“There is a reason peak performers use their FitBits, Apple Watches and other devices to count steps and chart physical activity. Those devices spur you to keep exercising. Shouldn’t you be doing something like that for your brain?” 

Gus Frerotte, 15-year NFL veteran

“Your brain is the most important system in your body, the epicenter for all bodily functions. It just makes good sense to regularly monitor it. With the MyBrain 365 program, you get objective information—1,300 data points—about your brain performance.” –

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, founder Brain Health Center, Wexford PA

“Brain Readiness is the key ingredient to reduce the mental errors and mistakes that cost billions of dollars annually due to accidents, injuries and lack of performance. Knowing your team is brain ready is crucial in reducing risks and elevating human performance.” 

Mark A Everest, President and CEO Occupational Athletics Inc.  

“Our action and decisions of today willshape our future selves - let's all be accountable and practice Brain Readiness.”

Delbert R. Wilkins, President Illinois Marine Towing, Inc.